hello new year

Well, 2016 is here. Happy New Year! I wonder what this year will bring – or should i say – what will we make of it? Let’s seize every opportunity, smile, be kind and – most importantly – be grateful for our blessings as the most important things in life are sitting right here in front of us, that’s … Continue reading hello new year

merry manicure

So with just two days to go until Christmas, what better way to get into the festive spirit than a merry manicure complete with a killer christmassy colour? Being the indecisive virgo that i am, admittedly it does take me a little while to choose the right colour (ok, so the manicurist probably secretly schedules in an extra … Continue reading merry manicure

hello amsterdam

It feels like forever… how have you been? Looking back at my last blog post, which sprung from a fleeting visit, i can’t help but think some things might quite simply be written in the stars. I’ve been swept up in a weird and wonderful whirlwind over the past few months – making some pretty big decisions … Continue reading hello amsterdam


I wish it were possible to visualise all these memories, feelings & moments straight onto a page like a huge splash of paint on a canvas – that would definitely make this an easier task for me. How else can i go about explaining my crazy, beautiful cuban experience? I’m not quite sure yet, but let’s see how … Continue reading cuba


As I packed my suitcase on Boxing Day last year, preparing myself for our spur of the moment family getaway, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Admittedly, i’m always a little doubtful – and a tad testy – when i’m not packing sun cream. But isn’t that always how our most magical moments begin? You know, when … Continue reading montenegro

bye-bye my beauty

As we say hello to a gorgeous sunny week here in London, i’d like to say bye-bye to one of my beauty favourites. We’ve all been through it, you know, that moment when you arrive at the beauty counter asking for a new fix of your favourite foundation – or moisturiser, mascara, whatever it might be – thinking blissfully to yourself … Continue reading bye-bye my beauty