Where has this pretty little city been hiding and how did it never cross my mind to experience lush lisbon life sooner? But before i uncover all the magic of my portuguese adventure, i’d like to share a wonderful quote, which i came across earlier this week… let’s just call it a little prologue to … Continue reading lisbon

my dutch daydream

Beautiful Amsterdam… *sigh* I wanted to share some lovely little moments i’ve captured from my dutch daydream over the past few months, this time in pictures. For such a small city, the infinite glimpses of inspiration and endless potential to discover them never fails to amaze me. This charming city – its quirkiness, its magnificence, … Continue reading my dutch daydream

coffee & coconuts

How i even contained myself when i came across this trendy little hotspot, i’ll never know. For starters, it’s named after two of my very favourite things in life (who doesn’t love coffee and coconuts?!) Yep, even the very name of this gem-of-a-place seduced me with its appetizing alliteration and enticing evocation of all things tropical and caffeinated. Thankfully, it … Continue reading coffee & coconuts

hello amsterdam

It feels like forever… how have you been? Looking back at my last blog post, which sprung from a fleeting visit, i can’t help but think some things might quite simply be written in the stars. I’ve been swept up in a weird and wonderful whirlwind over the past few months – making some pretty big decisions … Continue reading hello amsterdam


I wish it were possible to visualise all these memories, feelings & moments straight onto a page like a huge splash of paint on a canvas – that would definitely make this an easier task for me. How else can i go about explaining my crazy, beautiful cuban experience? I’m not quite sure yet, but let’s see how … Continue reading cuba


As I packed my suitcase on Boxing Day last year, preparing myself for our spur of the moment family getaway, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Admittedly, i’m always a little doubtful – and a tad testy – when i’m not packing sun cream. But isn’t that always how our most magical moments begin? You know, when … Continue reading montenegro

memories of mykonos

I took this snap on the beautiful Platys Gialos beach in Mykonos, Greece last September. I’m definitely a girl who’s a product of her environment. There’s something so tranquil and magnificent about the sea that simply brings out the best in me. The swishing sound of the waves, the vivid blend of blue and turquoise – it calms me, … Continue reading memories of mykonos