As I packed my suitcase on Boxing Day last year, preparing myself for our spur of the moment family getaway, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Admittedly, i’m always a little doubtful – and a tad testy – when i’m not packing sun cream. But isn’t that always how our most magical moments begin? You know, when … Continue reading montenegro

bye-bye my beauty

As we say hello to a gorgeous sunny week here in London, i’d like to say bye-bye to one of my beauty favourites. We’ve all been through it, you know, that moment when you arrive at the beauty counter asking for a new fix of your favourite foundation – or moisturiser, mascara, whatever it might be – thinking blissfully to yourself … Continue reading bye-bye my beauty

memories of mykonos

I took this snap on the beautiful Platys Gialos beach in Mykonos, Greece last September. I’m definitely a girl who’s a product of her environment. There’s something so tranquil and magnificent about the sea that simply brings out the best in me. The swishing sound of the waves, the vivid blend of blue and turquoise – it calms me, … Continue reading memories of mykonos